Door County Property
Lots Aerial View

Door County Land
Door County Property Lots Aerial View
The image on the left is an aerial view with the lot lines shown in green on the Cedar Groves Acres in Door County located only a few minutes from Sister Bay.

The lots of the acreage in Door County are shown with the top of the image being north and can be seen surrounded by Door County farms and homes. The lots are best accessed from Wildwood Court with parking on the roadside.

There are paths which connect to a wide north-south running cut through the wooded areas that then accesses all the other paths in the acreage for access to all the lots on the properties.

You will see cedar, pine, maple, spruce, apple and other trees as well as wildlife such as deer and wild turkey. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees is the sound of Door County for many who visit these Door County lots.

Contact me to start on your dream of owning a part of the county for yourself.

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